ChemComm Symposium on Energy Science and Materials

Prof Gong host the ChemComm Symposium on Energy Science and Materials at Tianjin University. In the symposium, nine worldwide famous specialists discussed the recent progress and future trend in energy science and other interdisciplinary investigations such as advanced materials, nanotechnology, CO2 conversion, etc.

Prof Gong appointed as an editorial advisory

Oct, 2016  Prof Gong has been appointed as an editorial advisory board member of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering invites Letters, Articles, Features, and Perspectives (Reviews) that address challenges of sustainability in the chemical enterprise and advance principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Ang's work on "Synergy between Thin Heterojunction […]

Prof. Neyman visits our lab

Prof. Neyman from Universitat de Barcelona visited us today and gave a lecture with the title “Modelling Catalytic Nanomaterials-as Simple as Possible, but not Simpler”. Welcome to Tianjin!

Welcome our freshmen!!!

We are excited to welcome 19 new graduate students to the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. They are Xin Chang, Zhiqiang Chen, Hongfang Li, Lulu Li, Bin Liu, Rui Liu, Sihang Liu, Tao Liu, Jieli Wang, Meilin Wang, Shujie Wang, Xianhui Wang, Quan Xiao, Yufei Xie, Xintong Yuan, Gong Zhang, Xianhua Zhang, Chen Zhao and […]

Prof Wang has been appointed as Subject Editor of Renewable Energy

Prof Wang has been appointed as Subject Editor of Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge on the various topics and technologies of renewable energy systems and components. The journal aims to serve researchers, engineers, economists, manufacturers, NGOs, associations and societies to help them keep abreast of new developments in their specialist fields […]