Congratulate Wenjin Zhu on winning 2018 Students Science Award!

This award set by Tianjin University is regarded as Nobel Prize for students (Annually elect ~2 among ~10000 master students), aiming to award students with outstanding academic or research output and encourage more students to be creative and progressive. Wenjin entered Gonglab as a recommended postgraduate (TOP 5%) since 2016 and behaved impressively on scientific […]

Welcome our freshmen

We are excited to welcome 27 new graduate students to the Energy & Catalysis Adventure Team. They are Dongfang Cheng, Engr.Bilal Fareed, Hui Gao, Zichen Gong, Hui Ke, Zhuo Li, Xiaoyun Lin, Yan Lin, Zhenpu Lu, Ran Luo, Jian Qin, Mingxue Shi, Zi Shi, Shijia Sun, Qingzhen Wang, Tianzuo Wang, Yang Wang, Yongtao Wang, Zhongyan Wang, Bo […]

Eleven Graduate Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!

Li Ang, Zhibin, Xiaoxia, Jijie, Chengcheng, Shenjun, Jiubing, Weiting, Li Hao, Mengxin and Shanshan passed their dissertation defense today. Congrats! List of the thesis titles: Li Ang: Rational Regulation and Effective Utilization of Charge Carriers in Photocatalysts Zhibin: Effective Charge Carrier Utilization in Hematite Photoanodes Xiaoxia: Catalytic System Design and Mechanism Investigation for Photoelectrocatalytic CO2 Reduction […]

Congling and Piaoping Win 2017 Research Stars of Gonglab

Gonglab’s 2017 Annual Summing-up Meeting was held on Jan 17 and 22. The winners of 2017 are: Research Star of Gonglab: Congling Hu (PhD) Piaoping Yang (Master) Best Newcommer: Gong Zhang 2nd Prize of Research Stars: Xiaoxia Chang, Sai Chen and Chengcheng Li 3rd Prize of Research Stars: Hao Li, Chengsheng Yang, Shenjun Zha and Wenjin […]

Tengfang Passed his Dissertation Defense

Tengfang passed his dissertation defense today. Congrats! The title of his thesis is “Study on the Catalytic Performances and Mechanism of Propane Dehydrogenation over Supported vanadium Catalysts”. He will start his new career in Huizhou Yussen Chemical Co.,Ltd. All the best, Tengfang!

Welcome our freshmen!!!

We are excited to welcome 19 new graduate students to the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. They are Xin Chang, Zhiqiang Chen, Hongfang Li, Lulu Li, Bin Liu, Rui Liu, Sihang Liu, Tao Liu, Jieli Wang, Meilin Wang, Shujie Wang, Xianhui Wang, Quan Xiao, Yufei Xie, Xintong Yuan, Gong Zhang, Xianhua Zhang, Chen Zhao and […]

Xiaoxia is elected as SciFinder Future Leader

Xiaoxia is elected as SciFinder Future Leader. The program select only 24 Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers from around the world to collaborate with CAS scientists, innovators, and business leaders to expand their professional network and build connections.Congratulations!