Five Doctoral Candidates Passed Their Dissertation Defense Today!

Huimin Li, Bin Liu, Xianhua Zhang, Chengsheng Yang, and Guodong Sun passed their dissertation defense today. Congrats! List of the thesis titles: Huimin Li: Targeted Control and Effective Utillization of Charge Carriers in Silicon PhotocathodeBin Liu: Rational Design of Si-based Photoelectrodes and Exploration of their Performance in Artificial Photosynthesiss Xianhua Zhang: Design of Oxygen Carriers […]

Eight Master Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!

Shijia Sun, Zichen Gong, Ran Luo, Dongfang Cheng, Tingting Zhang, Yang Wu, Chengjie Zhao, and Yiyi Xu passed their dissertation defense today. Congrats! List of the thesis titles: Shijia Sun: Design of Active Sites on the GaOx Surface in Propane Dehydrogenation from Density Functional TheoryZichen Gong: Construction for Efficient Unbiased Water Splitting Devices Based on […]

Xintong’s paper on Cu0-Cu+ for CO2 Electroreduction is accepted for publication in Angew Chem!

Cu‐based electrocatalysts can effectively facilitate carbon dioxide electrochemical reduction (CO2ER) to produce multi‐carbon products. However, the roles of Cu0 and Cu+ and the mechanistic understanding remain elusive. This paper describes the controllable construction of Cu0-Cu+ sites derived from the well‐dispersed cupric oxide supported on copper phyllosilicate lamella to enhance CO2ER performance. Specifically, 20% Cu/CuSiO3 shows […]

Our paper on Pt-Sn Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation has been selected as a Cover Story for ACS Catalysis!

Bimetallic nanoparticle catalysts attract extensive attention for relevant catalysis processes due to their flexible structures, while the structure evolution under specific conditions is ambiguous. This paper describes the structure evolution of Pt-Sn bimetallic nanoparticles for catalytic dehydrogenation, especially Sn segregation for surface recovery of a Pt-Sn alloy. An acid etching-reduction process was adopted to investigate […]

Our paper on tandem catalysis has been published in Science!

Prof. Jinlong Gong and Prof. Chunlei Pei are invited to comment on a newly published article on Science, which is reported by Peter C. Stair and Justin M. Notestein from Northwestern University. “The methodology exemplifies the strategy of mediating the transport of key intermediates across various catalytic sites and integrating multiple reactions sequentially.” The comment: […]

Gonglab Held 2020 Annual Summing-up Meeting!

Gonglab’s 2020 annual summing-up meeting was held from January 16, 2021 to January 17, 2021. The winners of 2020 are: Special Contribution: Xianhua Zhang (PhD) Idea Fountain: Sai Chen (PhD), Dongfang Cheng (Master) Paper Machine: Gong Zhang (PhD), Shujie Wang (PhD), Chengsheng Yang (PhD) Research Engine: Xiangcheng Shi (PhD), Bin Liu (PhD), Xiaoyun Lin (Master), […]

Gonglab held fun games

This Saturday, our group held fun games aiming to relieve us postgraduates from pressure and heavy research work. We are divided into six groups, A, B, C, D, E, and F, each with 10~11 people. The long-awaited athletics events included throwing sandbags, teleporting balloon relay, multi-person walking, hula hoop teleportation, etc. These events are truly […]

Prof. Fornasiero visited us today!

Prof. Fornasiero from University of Trieste, Italy, visited us today and gave an IREC2 lecture with the title “Smart Catalysts and Today’s Energy and Environmental Challenges.” The study of catalytic processes starting from well- defined materials that are tuned in morphology, composition and shape is offering new perspectives for catalyst design. CO oxidation turned out […]